Big whoop

I’m at this very moment looking at two headlines in an AP news feed and trying to figure out which one is more banal:

Sun, Google in Software Distribution Pact


Pamela Anderson Gets Restraining Order

Dana Gardner has the best take on the Great Anticlimax.

2 thoughts on “Big whoop

  1. tecosystems

    Google/Sun: Overhyped or Undervalued?

    Somewhere along the line during my fine public school/private college education, I was introduced the idea that human behavior patterns exhibit a remarkable similarity to the simple pendulum. First they swing one way, then the other. Want proof? Just t…

  2. Ontario Technoblog

    What is is, and what it isn’t – notes from the MSB

    MSB stands for mainstream bloggers, by the way.

    You’ll recall that I wrote the following a few days ago regarding the Google-Sun announcement:

    So, for all the hoopla, all that’s guaranteed is that Google users can get JRE, and Sun users can get …

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