Nick Carr

Rough Type is an independent blog written and published by me, Nicholas Carr. It’s mainly about technology, culture, and economics, though it wanders into other areas at times. It was founded in 2005.

I’ve been a freelance writer since 2003. I’m the author of five books — Utopia Is CreepyThe Glass CageThe ShallowsThe Big SwitchDoes IT Matter? — and have written articles for many magazines and newspapers. I was formerly the executive editor of the Harvard Business Review. You’ll find a longer bio on my personal site.

Disclosures: I have spoken for pay at many conferences and other events, often hosted by or otherwise sponsored by technology companies. Beyond these occasional events, I have no relationships, formal or informal, with any technology companies or other businesses. I don’t do any consulting. I try my best to speak freely on this blog, airing my own personal views and no one else’s. I am solely responsible for all errors and boneheaded remarks in my posts.

Rough Type is rough type. I use this blog as a testing ground for exploring new ideas or thinking through stuff on the web or elsewhere that I find interesting or annoying. In some cases, I will develop the material here into articles or essays that will appear in more formal publications.

Photo by Tim Swan.