The Glass Cage: table of contents


My new book, The Glass Cage: Automation and Us, comes out on Monday (as I may have mentioned before). Here’s what the table of contents looks like:

Introduction: Alert for Operators

One: Passengers

Two: The Robot at the Gate

Three: On Autopilot

Four: The Degeneration Effect

Interlude, with Dancing Mice

Five: White-Collar Computer

Six: World and Screen

Seven: Automation for the People

Interlude, with Grave Robber

Eight: Your Inner Drone

Nine: The Love That Lays the Swale in Rows

Your chance to preorder is rapidly coming to a close. Carpe diem:



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3 thoughts on “The Glass Cage: table of contents

  1. Timothy

    Ordered. And I am purchasing tickets for your Wordfest appearance in Calgary!
    I have also pre-ordered books for our school’s library. – Not that there are many books left in the library…..oops, “learning commons.” – But “The Shallows” is currently up on display. Your books express important ideas for educators, raising serious questions that have yet to be addressed by educational authorities. Really looking forward to Wordfest!

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