It’s going to happen

The crew at the Rough Type Curation Lab nearly blew their deadline this year, but at the last moment they’ve coughed up a mixtape for the final evening of 2013. (Spotify required.) It opens with a full-body assault from Supergrass. And then it gets intense. You want to time this so that “The Midnight Choir” ends and “Left of the Dial” begins right at the stroke of twelve. Yes, the Curation Lab thinks at that level of temporal granularity.

Happy 2014, the Year of the BigDog, the Year of the Glass Cage.

One thought on “It’s going to happen

  1. Andrew Francis

    Interesting play list. Unfortunately spotify is not available in Canada. I guess for everyone else there is Youtube. Of the tracks, I really love “Both Sides Burning.” On New Year’s Day, I went to my favourite pub and started playing a new version of my 33 1/3 books play list. The 88 song play list features one song from each 33 /13 book (now maybe 90 books as we speak). Opening track – MBV’s “Only Shallow” from “Loveless. ” The featured Love song is “Red Telephone.”

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