The greatest robot ever

In the course of writing The Glass Cage, I’ve had cause to do some research into the history of robots. I have, after much reflection, concluded that the greatest robot of all time is Giganta, not only because it’s a robot that “automatically produces fun” but also because it’s “designed with feet indentations so children can rest.” (I hope our future overlords have such thoughtful features.)


I don’t hand out the title of best robot ever lightly. I’m also very fond of the “does not compute” robot on Lost in Space, who bore the appropriately utilitarian name of The Robot, and it’s no secret that I carry a torch for the Jetson’s robot maid, Rosie. But, despite its total lack of ambulatory and verbal capabilities, Giganta rules. (R2-D2 and C-3PO, on the other hand, were dweebs; they set the cause of robots back by three light-years at least.)

Footnote: I’m pretty sure that Giganta the robot is not related in any way to the DC Comics character Giganta, who seems to be designed for anything but fun.

4 thoughts on “The greatest robot ever

  1. Cindy Wolff

    It’s heartening to see something robotic with that much human dominion over it. A disruptive one would have sucked all the joy out of it.

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