Pop goes The Shallows


Last year saw the release of the I Like Trains album The Shallows, inspired by my book of the same name.

Now comes a new single titled “The Shallows,” also inspired by the book, by the Manchester band Post Zero, featuring a vocal turn by Rowetta of Happy Mondays fame:


4 thoughts on “Pop goes The Shallows

  1. reflectionephemeral

    Congrats! This is noteworthy and exciting.

    Hopefully the word keeps spreading– Roger Waters called an album “Amused to Death”, inspired by Neil Postman’s book “Amusing Ourselves to Death”. (Which I was bummed that “The Shallows” didn’t cite). What would be the equivalent of that today? An album named after your book by… Bono?

  2. Michele

    Hey Nick,

    Having a group of seniors read The Shallows. It has really sparked many side topics such a current brain research, interesting Ted Talks and articles about technology in general. These Generation Net students are having a hard time seeing the big picture right now, but hopefully a seed can be planted.

    Connecting the music would be great. Can anyone get the lyrics for the new song?


  3. James

    Hi, I’m James from the band Post Zero.

    Just wanted to explain what impact the book had on me.

    Having had the book recommended to me, I hastily got hold of a copy. It just so happens it coincided with buying my first smartphone and, for the first time, becoming ‘connected’ 24/7.

    The addictive, almost impulsive, nature of modern technology had affected my sleep patterns (waking and checking e-mail etc.) and my ability to concentrate, as Nick mentioned in the book. I turn it off at all available opportunity now – and the lyrics we’re put together while I was disconnected from the net.

    The song came from this idea – here’s an interview explaining in a little more detail;

    Many thanks X

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