Bloggers are pretentious nitwits

The new Business Week cover story, Blogs Will Change Your Business, is written in what the authors call “the style of a blog.” Two examples:

Tuesday 6:35 a.m. How big are blogs? Try Johannes Gutenberg out for size. His printing press, unveiled in 1440, sparked a publishing boom and an information revolution.

Thursday 8:56 a.m. It’s the latest wrinkle on Descartes. I blog therefore I….consult.

Is that really the style of a blog? I’m so ashamed.

2 thoughts on “Bloggers are pretentious nitwits

  1. blogspotting

    Confession: Maybe there’s no such thing as a blog style

    An attempt to write a magazine article in a ‘bloggy style’ is wrapped up in contradictions. As blogs evolve, ‘blog-style’ will become as meaningless as ‘typewriter-style.’

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