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  1. Yves Trlt

    Point is, there is a need to manage personal data (login/passwrd, licence numbers, etc) independantly of any machine, and the friction induced by all of these isn’t a myth.

    However, maybe it is time to recognize that this has to be handled as a new role or function in itself, with several organisations fulfilling this function, ability for users to move from one to the other with his “personal library of licences/contracts”, and high level of confidentiality provided by these organisations.

    Today it is seen as a fatality that the thing will end up around 2 or 3 “monsters”, however no fatality there at all.

    The way things evolve in IT today, is more or less as if to buy a share from company X you should have an account in bank B (and only B), share for company Y account in bank C, etc.

    And saying that for it to be different “everything should ne normalized” is totally false, almost everything already there for it to be different.

    And this is valid for non free contents as well, as access right or licence to some paid contents could also be an item in your “personal data account”.

    This a bit developed below (but in French for the time being) :


    And for contents aspects :


    Or text (2007) :


    Note : there is also a myth around needing to share a given ID for a user between actors for the thing to work, this isn’t true at all !

    Knowing that as the “root” of all this there is also a kind of “IT stupidity” consisting in considering that it is different in its need of common shared “flat” IDs spaces (GS1 bar codes kind) from other domains, when of course it isn’t different at all, and even needs a lot more of them.

    This adressed below :


  2. Yves Trlt

    Or even worse, today it is like if the email ot telephone system were set up, everybody would find perfectly normal to have two or tree monsters each handling a seperate system with its own adress space.

    And OpenIDs and all the “free software” oriented things aren’t an answer at all to all of this.

    Personal data is personal data, not software, without SEVERAL established “personal data account” managers clearly separated from service providers but with a few common protocols and common exchange objects, no trust environment can exist.

    But maybe we just have to consider that the current tweetero facebooking mindset is the Alzheimer of the finishing industrial & entertainment civilisation or something like that, and that it is indeed a fatality …

  3. Tyler Moore

    I think it’s a bit funny your CMS supports commenting via Facebook login.

    That said, it’s just a matter of convenience at this point. The next generation won’t even think twice about needing a Facebook account to access the internet.

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