“The Shallows”: publication details

I’ve completed my next book, The Shallows: What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains, and the manuscript – actually, the wordprocessingscript – is with the publisher, W. W. Norton, for editing and production. (The cover image below is provisional. It will be used in the publisher’s catalog, but probably won’t be the actual cover of the book.) The Shallows is slated to be published in North America on June 1, 2010, and if you’re antsy you can preorder a copy from Amazon today. The English version of the book will also be published in the UK by Atlantic Books, and translations are currently in the works from Blessing in Germany, Seido Sha in Japan, Chungrim in Korea, Ediouro in Brazil, and CITIC in China.


8 thoughts on ““The Shallows”: publication details

  1. Chris Mills

    Look forward to your new book Nick. I’m becoming more convinced that that the proliferation of information (as a relatively new phenomena), although provides long term value, hurts us in the short term because we don’t know how to consume it – H1N1, Housing numbers, unemployment numbers, war casualty data… the general population never had access…now that we do – we need better context models. I would assume this is what (at least a subset) you are covering in your book and look forward to your insights.

  2. Eugene Park

    I really enjoyed you Big Switch in Korea.

    Also I was impressed by ‘Is Google Making Us Stupid?’.

    I am looking forward to seeing your book translated in Korean even though I’m in U.S now :) (I hope many Korean will read your new book)

  3. Luis Alberola

    Interesting indeed, looking forward to the key ideas inside. But I would have liked the title “What the internet is doing to our brain (singular)” better …

  4. John F. Martin

    Looking forward to reading it! Two questions:

    1) Why does it take the publisher 6 months to publish the book?

    2) I didn’t see a Kindle version available on Amazon, is this planned for the same publication date?

    …combining the two, maybe a Kindle version could come out right away – in Internet time – directly from the wordprocessingscript? :-)

  5. silver fern

    cool book. thanks, Nicholas!

    I saw on amazon.com that they offer print and audio versions of it. any idea whether an e-pub might become available any time soon?

    (john asked 1 year ago… I second that notion. although I’d prefer a non-kindle, more portable format.)

    on the side: an audio-version seems ironic. given the circumstance that an audio-book lets your eyes distract your brain from the subject quite easily. at least, it does it to me. only when reading, my brain chatter seems to subside enough. maybe that’s because I’m blond. :D

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