Google held a one-day conference on cloud computing in London last week, called Atmosphere, and they asked me to give a talk on the historical and economic context of the development of the cloud. All the presentations from the event are now up on YouTube, including mine, which if you have a half hour to kill you can watch here:

The other presenters included Werner Vogels, Marc Benioff, Geoffrey Moore, and various Googlers and their clients.

3 thoughts on “Atmospherics

  1. waterpocket

    Thanks for the heads up on your presentation. Would you please also post your slide deck from your talk so we could see what your audience was also seeing and do our best to follow along. Thanks.

  2. Linuxguru1968

    Love the example of the water wheel driven generator although I think Burden wasn’t the first to do it to electrify his factory. A rather dark aspect of the movement to power utilities was the battle between Edison and Westinghouse over the adoption of AC or DC and the development of the electric chair for capital punishment: Death, Money, and the History of the Electric Chair. Eventually, they both competed to sell New York State the generator for the prison to power the chair. Talk about “Killer Apps”!

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