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Promoting human error

From a report on a prototype of a self-driving tractor-trailer developed by Daimler as part of its Mercedes-Benz Future Truck 2025 project: For Daimler, the truck driver of the future looks something like this: He is seated in the cab … Continue reading

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An android dreams of automation

Google’s Android guru, Sundar Pichai, provides a peek into the company’s conception of our automated future: “Today, computing mainly automates things for you, but when we connect all these things, you can truly start assisting people in a more meaningful … Continue reading


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From endless ladder to downward ramp

A couple of months ago, in the post “The Myth of the Endless Ladder,” I critiqued the widespread assumption that progress in production technology, such as advances in robotics and analytical software, inevitably “frees humans up to work on higher-value tasks,” … Continue reading


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Let them eat images of cake

David Graeber observes: It used to be that Americans mostly subscribed to a rough-and-ready version of the labor theory of value. Everything we see around us that we consider beautiful, useful, or important was made that way by people who … Continue reading


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Marx Andreessen

In a series of rhapsodic tweets, venture capitalist Marc Andreessen imagines a world in which robots take over all productive labor: All human time, labor, energy, ambition, and goals reorient to the intangibles: the big questions, the deep needs. Human nature … Continue reading


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The cover of the cage

Here’s what The Glass Cage will be looking like when it drops on Sept 29. Wear gloves. Cover design by Pete Garceau.

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Programming the moral robot

The U.S. Navy’s Office of Naval Research is funding an effort, by scientists at Tufts, Brown, and RPI, to develop military robots capable of moral reasoning: The ONR-funded project will first isolate essential elements of human moral competence through theoretical and … Continue reading


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