Invite bonanza: Pownce, Freebase, iMedix

UPDATE: Pownce invites are gone.

Somehow or other, I have managed to assemble a small pile of invitations for joining the communities of Pownce, Freebase, and iMedix. Because I consider everyone who visits Rough Type to be my friend, in the Web 2.0 sense of that term, I’m going to give them away, first come, first served. To request one, send an email to:

iloveroughtype @ mac . com

and put the name of the desired site in the subject field (one site per entrant). If you win, you’ll receive your invitation directly from the site. When the invites have all been given away, the above email address will be terminated and I will put a notice on this page.

Good luck, my friends.

3 thoughts on “Invite bonanza: Pownce, Freebase, iMedix

  1. afbach

    Have you heard of Just the place for these sorts of ‘extras’ though its one odd site.

  2. Ian King

    Freebase — isn’t that what people who wanted to smoke cocaine did before crack came along? (Imedix may have some more information on the topic.) I leave the drawing of parallels as an exercise for other commenters.

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