More words!

Feel free to roll around in them like a pig in … clover:

In Strategy & Business, I have an article (pdf) about the application of “peer production” to business innovation. The title the magazine gave the piece is “The Ignorance of Crowds,” but it’s really more about the weaknesses, or limitations, of crowds. I argue that peer production works well for manifold, time-consuming tasks that don’t require a lot of coordination among workers but that it’s not going to help you come up with a great new idea or give a product the kind of polish that often creates a hit in the market.

In the latest edition of the Financial Times Digital Business podcast, I look at Microsoft’s prospects, asking the all-important question: What exactly does Microsoft have in common with Barry Manilow?

In another podcast, I talk to Supernova impresario Kevin Werbach about why we shouldn’t confuse the Net’s effect on business with its effect on culture.

One thought on “More words!

  1. Filip Verhaeghe

    Great article.

    “[…] best viewed as a means for refining the old rather than inventing the new; that it’s an optimization model more than an invention model.”

    This is really food for thought for participants in the software market.


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