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Having recently been called “a bit of a tosser” in a comment on this very blog (unfortunately, the comment appeared before the Code of Conduct was issued; if it had been posted after the CoC, I could have deleted it as uncivil with a clear conscience), I have taken a new interest in the slang used by our coalition partners across the pond. I was therefore very excited to note today that, as reported in the Guardian, the Brits have coined a great new term for an old affliction: wasting time on the web. They call it “wilfing,” which, apparently, is derived from the universal question “What was I looking for?”

Wilfing may be the single most common activity of internet patrons. A big new survey of web users reveals that two-thirds confess to engaging in wilfing (the other third are tossers) and one-quarter spend at least 30% of their online time in wilfing mode, which represents, the Guardian notes, “the equivalent of spending an entire working day every fortnight pointlessly jumping between random pages.” That’s a lot of wilfing.

Anyway, go check out the article. You have nothing better to do.

7 thoughts on “Wilf this

  1. Condo


    I know you Brits can’t spell “color” or pronounce “migraine,” but can’t you at least spell “masturbate”?

  2. alan

    Ah yes Condo, now it appears that the author of the site I chose to elucidate my point, no pun intended, can and can’t spell on the same page! I hate to drag you back to the link to check but. . . . . . . . .

    As I sit here I just cannot get the displayed picture of Mr. Carr out of my mind. I have clicked on his site many times never to think that such a decent looking bloke would suffer such verbal abuse as mentioned in his post. It’s just such a bugger that some have so little regard for decency, they must have aluminium for brains. How do you Yanks spell and pronounce aluminium? Alan.

  3. Nick Carr

    As I sit here I just cannot get the displayed picture of Mr. Carr out of my mind.

    I can only hope that you’re wilfing and not tossing, Alan.

  4. alan

    Verbal intercourse is my preferred activity, although I must “confess” that I could be considered a compulsive wilf/wilfer/wilferer, wilf sounds to concise to be healthy, wilfer sounds to common to be good whereas wilferer sound decent enough to label any honest virtual investigator. I must rebuff the idea that (wilfing) might be considered pointless time. These are indeed wonderful times! Alan.

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