The problem with RSS

Is it still “really simple” when it involves choosing among 35 options?

RSS Buttons

If the object is to baffle, annoy and repel the masses, then what we have here is a remarkable success.

28 thoughts on “The problem with RSS

  1. flower delivery

    It would have been a real problem if you did not have what to choose. Since you have 35 options I think that it not so hard to choose the one, which best fits the needs.

  2. Michael Grimm

    The confusion of RSS begins with the acronym. Outside the blogger/tech world people don’t like to learn acronyms and automatically assume it is too complicated for them. I began using the word ‘subscribe’ next to my RSS tag to help guide my readers.

  3. xslf

    I might be missing something, but why have these buttons in the first place?

    Just make sure your html has the code so rss readers can auto-detect the feed url, and let the browser do the rest (either by itself like Firefox’s feed icon, or by using and add-on toolbar like the Google toolbar which adds a “subscribe with your feed reader” icon to every site which has auto-detectable rss).

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