Manual labor

It’s two months until the official publication date of my new book, The Glass Cage, and the pages are coming off the presses. My job this weekend is to sign 700 copies of the first printing. The printer sent me three boxes of the book’s opening signature; I’m inscribing the title page and then sending them all back to be bound into the final books. I’m about halfway through the pile and am finding the work strangely enjoyable, though that may just be the Sharpie fumes talking.


I’m limiting the inscription to my John Hancock, but on one copy I did add a little extra flourish:


It’s a Willy Wonka thing. The person who scores this copy gets a tour of the factory.

UPDATE (7/27): Done.


One thought on “Manual labor

  1. Susan

    How quaint to be physically signing actual print books! I will be buying one, but it’s a struggle to interest my 17-year-old son in any book that’s not assigned at school. Not sure whether Glass Cage examines technology in public education, the new online standardized testing known as PARCC, and all that. It’s summer now, school is out, and this news story from Wisconsin struck me as interesting and, well, sinister. Thought you might be interested–

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