You are an intimate data bundle


In case you thought I was kidding about Facebook’s forthcoming Oculus Networked Mood Ring, the BBC reports on the demonstration, at a big advertising fest in France, of a “smart bracelet that can read your emotions,” designed by Studio XO in London.

The telltale bangle, the style of which might best be described as hospital-patient chic, is part of the design shop’s “emotional technology platform,” called XOX, which enables companies “to track users’ emotional states, collect data and tailor services and experiences for both individuals and large audiences.” The system sounds nifty:

At the heart of the XOX Emotional Technology Platform are the XOX servers, [which provide] access to the audience’s intimate data. This is processed locally and available through an industry standard API. … The basic system includes specially designed ergonomic wristbands that are worn on the upper wrist. Intimate data is read via a number of wearable biometric sensors. This raw data is processed in real-time on the wristband before being transmitted to the XOX server via one of a number of XOX base transceiver units. … Intimate data bundles can be packaged up for our clients to enable them to better understand human emotion and an audience’s engagement with experiences, products and services.

This may be off-topic, but have you noticed that “iWatch” has a double meaning?

Promotional image from Studio XO.

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  1. Nick Post author

    But it can sense when you need a hug or kiss and then send an “intimate robot” over to do the necessaries.

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