Head Wake Up

The best thing about Google Glass, so far, are the instructions. I’m particularly fond of the line drawings that Google is using to explain how to use the device. Here’s how one performs the “Head Wake Up” gesture:


I’m not convinced yet that I need Glass, but I would like to have a Head Wake Up command. Head Sleep would be good, too.

2 thoughts on “Head Wake Up

  1. Charles

    You spurred a vague memory I have of a bad spy show I saw on TV as a kid. The spies had radios implanted in their teeth to communicate with HQ. They bit down once to transmit, and twice to turn it off. But HQ could transmit any time, they couldn’t turn it off. I would hate to be monitoring at HQ when they eat dinner.

    I think the Google guys grew up on too much bad TV Sci-Fi.

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