So who’s Sancho Panza?

Steve Gillmor, Web 2.0’s Don Quixote, drags me into his latest logorrheic tilt at linkmills. The scary thing is, I’m starting to understand what he’s saying, enough, anyway, to catch its essential hippie quixotry. We’re at Altamont, Steve. Stop pretending it’s Woodstock.

6 thoughts on “So who’s Sancho Panza?

  1. Nick Carr

    Come on, Robert, can’t you see it: The innocents crowd around for free content only to be bludgeoned by thugs disguised as angels.

    Keith! Keith!

  2. Idan

    what the bloody hell was he going about? I’m willing to bet quite a lot of “link credits” that he was fucked-up stoned as he wrote this post.

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