7 thoughts on “My next book

  1. Sander Duivestein

    “Nicholas Carr’s THE GLASS CAGE, the follow-up to The Big Switch and The Shallows, lively, lucid, and unsettling examination of what it means to be human …”

    And where is the rest?

  2. Rowan

    On the one hand, ‘The Glass Cage’ reminds me of how we live our lives more publicly now, through the internet. On the other hand, there’s this quote from an interview: “…it’s another examination of technology and its human effects. It will be a bit more about business, I think, than my last book, ‘The Shallows,’ was. Not the IT side of things, but more about talent and people and how they do their jobs.”

  3. Samir

    Nick – Will your Epipheo friends produce a cartoon edition soon? For those of us who, err, may no longer have the attention span needed to finish a book. You know it makes sense. :-)

  4. Brad

    Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Net.

    Cool. Looking forward. Will purchase on first day.

  5. Luke Fernandez

    What would Max Weber say?

    “To-day the spirit of religious asceticism—whether finally, who knows?—has escaped from the cage. But victorious capitalism, since it rests on mechanical
    foundations, needs its support no longer.”

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