The bigger switch

This spring, my book about cloud computing and its consequences, The Big Switch: Rewiring the World, from Edison to Google, will be celebrating the fifth anniversary of its publication. (It’s remarkable to think that in 2008 the term “the cloud” had yet to enter the public mind; much has changed in those five years.) To mark the occasion, W. W. Norton will be releasing a second edition of the book, complete with a new concluding chapter that brings the story up to date. The new edition is available now for preorder through Amazon. Here’s the cover:


7 thoughts on “The bigger switch

  1. Mark

    Congratulations on the second edition. I’ve not read the first edition but I did enjoy The Shallows.

  2. CS Clark

    I plan on buying the second edition but then, whimsically, only reading the pronouns.

  3. Nick Post author

    I’ve always thought that the prepositions were the best part. But suit yourself.

  4. Daniel C.

    Bah! I just bought the old edition a couple weeks ago and haven’t read it yet. No chance the added material will be available otherwise I suppose?

  5. Jeffrey Bolden

    Congrads on the 2nd edition. I read the first and gave away a few copies. I develop a bit on your theme in my treatment of the IT business cycle. Glad to hear you’ve expanded on it and look forward to reading the expansion.

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