Friday snark attack

“Writely is like a caterpillar that we hope to make into a beautiful butterfly at Google!” bubbles Upstartle cofounder Claudia Carpenter.

I think I’ll be hanging on to my copy of Word for a little while.

7 thoughts on “Friday snark attack

  1. web20guy

    This is interesting.

    Accessing your machine over the web vs. having office apps on the web.

    I think whats going to work is, you have ur machine replicated in High Availability servers, and access it over the web.

    I know this is what will work. I have seen it in movies.

  2. Nick

    Andrew: That sounds kind of nice, actually. Work for me usually feels heavy, sluggish and lonely.

  3. Srikanth

    I am excited about the possibilities.

    What would excite me more is addition of other office suites online..

    I use open office/word just for record…



  4. Dennis Howlett

    Nick – I’ve standardised on Writely (or rather I will when I can get more clients to accept it) because it can provide docs in most popular formats AND I can use it for secure document sharing/collaboration. Much more productive than Word. It means we canuse for visualising pages in HTML while having the means to output to Word/PDF. Very useful.

    One problem, some email security systems will not allow emails through from this source. Doh.

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