Because I know you have nothing better to do on a pleasant Friday afternoon in spring:

John Horgan, Wall Street Journal

Daniel Menaker, Barnes & Noble Review

Patrick Tucker, The Futurist

Fritz Nelson, InformationWeek

Ellen Wernecke, The Onion A.V. Club

Robert Burton, San Francisco Chronicle

Peter Burrows, Bloomberg BusinessWeek

Adam Thierer, Technology Liberation Front

Christopher Caldwell, Financial Times

Laura Miller, Salon

John E. Mitchell, North Adams Transcript

Russell Arben Fox, In Medias Res

Postings will be sparse here now, as I’m going to be on the road for much of the rest of the month. I’ll be doing readings from The Shallows in several cities. Here’s a list, if you’re interested in attending.

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    Hi Nick,

    one question, one observation.

    When will the book be available in the UK?

    I had a first look at a friend’s ipad today, like me she is an academic with a media and journalism background.

    I had been wondering if the ipad was a shallows device or if it might a computer that might encourage deep reading. I started to talking to her about this and mentioned your role as provacatuer in the ‘Is the Internet changing the way we think?’ debate while I was looking at Wired.

    As I was reaching an intial conclusion that the (delightful) ipad rewards the bits of the brain that are genetically programmed to process sight and sound more than reading connections I turned the page and there was an article about the Shallows.

    I don’t what this is really says, other than serendipity can be an amazing thing.



  2. Nick Carr

    Thanks for the questions. Answers:

    UK edition: should be out soon (I just received copies, so it has been printed)

    iBooks edition: I honestly don’t know (it’s a matter between WW Norton and Apple Inc.)

    Kindle edition: in the works; should be available soon

    Southern California appearance: I’ll be presenting at the Armand Hammer Center on July 19


  3. Kurt Marko

    First off, nice work Nick, I loved the book.I’m a writer myself and reviewed your last book, The Big Switch, in Processor Magazine. This one was a little further afield of the IT industry and so far, I haven’t been successful in convincing my editorial contacts to run a review (if anyone has any leads, please let me know :).

    I thought the NYT review largely missed the point…it almost seemed like he came into the book with preconceptions and then picked, choosed and selectively omitted parts of your work to make his point, which was the opposite of yours.

    Case in point is the section when he cites the research on brain activity while reading (a book) versus Web browsing. You point out that the frontal (presumably most ‘advanced’, most interconnected, part of the brain lights up much more while browsing than reading, but the NYT reviewer misses your (apparently too subtle) argument that this isn’t necessarily a beneficial or positive response. It could well be that when we are more engaged with a text that we’re using neurons that are more well travelled and thus more atuned to the deep and reflexive thought we’re doing while reading versus the reactionary ‘fly swatting’ our brain does while in the midst of a browsing session.

  4. Labadarianfan

    If I was still in the business of writing Wiki articles such as the one about “Is Google Making Us Stupid?”, I would scour through all these reviews looking for patterns and nuggets, and then synthesize and categorize whatever I found in appropriate sections in a Wiki article dedicated to The Shallows. Thanks for providing this stub for the hopefully forthcoming Wiki article about The Shallows:

    I’m looking forward to reading this book.

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