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My computer, my doppeltweeter

Broadway, as you’ll recall, was the nickname of the fellow that 50 Cent hired to ghost his tweets. “The energy of it is all him,” Broadway said of the simulated stream he produced for his boss. Or, as Baudrillard put it: … Continue reading


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Ambient Reality

People are forever buttonholing me on the street and saying, “Nick, what comes after realtime?” It’s a good question, and I happen to know the answer: Ambient Reality. Ambient Reality is the ultimate disruption, as it alters the actual fabric … Continue reading


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Prêt-à-twitter and the bespoke tweet

A quick afterthought on that last post: I still think that the inline tweet is the future, but it strikes me that the currently emerging method of inline tweeting, which I have taken to calling prêt-à-twitter, is far from ideal. Who wants … Continue reading


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Ambient tweetability

I have seen the future, and it is not Bruce Springsteen. It is the inline tweet: When Twitter came along, back in 2006, it seemed like a godsend. It made our lives so much easier. Media sharing became a snap. … Continue reading


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Automating the feels

It’s been hard not to feel a deepening of the soul as the palette of online emotion signifiers has expanded from sparse typographic emoticons to colorful and animated emoji. Some cynics believe that emotions have no place in the realtime … Continue reading


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Absence of Like

We have already suggested, in an earlier installment of The Realtime Chronicles, that “that our new transcendentalism is one in which individual human operatives, acting in physical isolation as nodes on a network, achieve the unity of an efficient cybernetic … Continue reading


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Conversation points

Though rigorously formal, machine communication is characterized by a lack of courtesy. When computers converse, they dispense with pleasantries, with digressions about family and weather, with all manner of roundaboutness. They stick, with a singlemindedness that, in a traditional human … Continue reading


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