Attention bloggers: “Big Switch” giveaway

UPDATE: They’re all gone. Thanks very much for your interest.

If you write a blog, I would like to send you a review copy of my upcoming book, The Big Switch: Rewiring the World, from Edison to Google. My publisher, W. W. Norton, has been distributing advance copies of the book to traditional media, and it has generously set aside about 100 150 copies for me to send out to bloggers.

It doesn’t matter what sort of blog you write or how many readers you have. The copies will be given away on a first-come, first-served basis. So if you’d like to get one, here’s what you have to do: Send me an email, at [address removed; all copies have been given away], and include in the message the url of your blog and your name and mailing address. That’s it.

Of course, I hope that once you’ve received and read the book, you’ll post a review of it on your blog. But that’s up to you.

Fine print: The information you supply will be used only for the mailing of the book; neither your email address nor your physical address will be saved or used for any other purpose. If you live outside North America, you are certainly welcome to request a copy, but please note that it may take a while for it to arrive. The review copy is a near-final version of the book, but it is not the final version; corrections, updates, and other edits have been made to the text since the review copies were printed.

11 thoughts on “Attention bloggers: “Big Switch” giveaway

  1. Orlando Agostinho

    Hi, Nicholas!

    That’s it a very excellent idea. Anyway, at this moment, I don’t have any blogger, but i will.

    I’d like to say, that I read you at all time, and I think that this blogger it’s really very good one! Congratulations! I will buy your book, don’t worry!

    In the meantime, Why not try to publish some chapters for us. Maybe, That will help you to improve your book at the finally release! ;-)

    See Ya!

    Orlando Agostinho


  2. Bertil

    Ask Cory Doctorow’s and Scott Adam’s publishers what they think of having either partial or full PDF of your book on-line. (Answer: full seems very efficient; partial counter productive–readers’ socials probably decisive.)

  3. srikar

    Hi Nicholas,

    I am a computer science student and the title of the book looked too attractive to let this go. I would love if you could send me the book and of course I’ll give my feedback. I’m in India. I couln’t get your e-mail ID. Where should I mail the details to ?

  4. yish

    wow. that was quick. sigh.

    oh well, I still have to finish the copy of “my name is red” I got just for having a blog. Who said blogging doesn’t pay?

  5. Yihong Ding

    WOW, it was quick. I just had an accident yesterday and missed this great giveaway. Anyway, congratulate to the luck guys.

    Nick, please give some hints before formal announcement next time so that we can prepare. ;-) By the way, if your publisher has more to share, please don’t forget me. I really like what you write.

    — Yihong

  6. Allen Tan

    Shucks, I missed this post as I was getting dunked in white waters. [Advert!] While it was a once in a lifetime experience, it cannot possibly make up for the loss of a free copy of the mentioned book! Fortunately I made a couple of quids over the weekend. =P

  7. AMJ

    Hi Nicholas,

    thanks for the advance copy of your book. Nice work. I posted a short review on my blog.

    Keep up the good work.


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