Big Switch: contents and preorders

Amazon has begun taking advance orders for my next book, The Big Switch: Our New Digital Destiny. The book’s official publication date is January 7, 2008, though I’ve heard there’s a good chance it will be available in time for holiday gift-giving. (I personally cannot imagine a finer gift.) Amazon is discounting pre-orders by 34%, and should the price go down further between now and when the book ships, you’ll get the lower price.

Here is the book’s table of contents:

Prologue: A Doorway in Boston

Part 1: One Machine

1. Burden’s Wheel

2. The Inventor and His Clerk

3. Digital Millwork

4. Goodbye, Mr. Gates

5. The White City

Part 2: Living in the Cloud

6. World Wide Computer

7. From the Many to the Few

8. The Great Unbundling

9. Fighting the Net

10. A Spider’s Web

11. iGod

Epilogue: Flame and Filament

In due course, I’ll be providing more information about The Big Switch at the book site.

3 thoughts on “Big Switch: contents and preorders

  1. Pankaj Kumar

    Given that the book is not scheduled to ship for another few months, it is doing pretty good as per the Amazon Sales Rank chart of Big Switch.

    In some way, the very notion that an author (or anybody) can track the sales trend of a book over the Net in almost realtime is proof of a functioning “World Wide Computer”.

  2. alan

    Just a few years ago words like spirit, soul, karma and “destiny” appeared to be not so much in vogue as they have now become. That’s got to be a move in the right direction.

    Mainstream society’s word usage has caught up with those who were considered to be New Ager’s just a couple of decades ago.

    Your new books title, for me at least, creates a mental image that takes in the past and leads forward to a possible future scenario.

    I wonder how many will immediately thumb forward to chapter 11. iGod certainly leaves me wondering about a possible context! Alan.

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