Thanks, Tim and Jimbo!

According to Technorati, there are now 70 million blogs in existence. That can make it very difficult to figure out which blogs you should pay attention to and which aren’t worth your time. But fortunately for us all, Tim O’Reilly and Jimbo Wales have teamed up to introduce a nifty system that will make our lives much easier. In the future, blogs that can safely be ignored will be marked with a cute little badge that looks like this:


5 thoughts on “Thanks, Tim and Jimbo!

  1. Doug Lay

    Why did you remove the line about “blogs that blow?” Call me juvenile, but I thought it was really funny. Are you enforcing your own code of conduct?

  2. Clyde Smith

    I’d heard about the code of ethics or whatever and it sounded like it might be a useful discussion but I hadn’t actually seen the badge. When I first saw it in your post, I assumed it was a parody!

    That badge is some weak nonsense from Silicon Fantasy Land, that’s for sure.

  3. PigInZen

    Why not just go the full distance and make it yellow? Heck, they might even hand out armbands or patches with the yellow star to be worn so I can tell who is uncivilized when I’m walking down the street to the grocery.

    Fascism is a great concept.

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