3 thoughts on “A fine rant

  1. Thomas Otter


    Thanks for this link. Phillip’s blog is a gem.

    I think it is time to read Brave New World again.

    “O wonder!

    How many goodly creatures are there here!

    How beautious mankind is!

    O brave new world,

    That has such people in’t!”

  2. Howard Owens

    Actually, its fantastically simplistic and narrow minded. A rant — all sound and fury signifying nothing — is a good description. It rings more of sour grapes than truth.

  3. Simon Wardley

    Tom Glocer’s Blog commented on the need for news providers to become the trusted, canonical source of information – the curators of news in this ‘plural media universe’.

    The issue is that an alternative to the traditional news media is to some degree replacing it. The reasons – relevance, trust, access and so forth.

    So the internet has further commoditised the process of information transfer and made it ubiquitous allowing everyone to become a news provider. No printing press needed, no costly distribution channel etc.

    New forms of ‘news’ will emerge, new business built around this – that’s normal, that’s change, that’s commoditisation.

    Out of this ‘democracy’ of news, where everyone is a consumer and publisher, reputation-based curators will emerge; it has happened already to some extent.

    Am I surprised by the rant? No.

    Where’s King Canute when you need him?

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