Introducing Rough Sort

Pursuing its manifest destiny as a post-mainstream media empire, Rough Type is once again expanding. Hard on the heels of the opening of the fabulous Rough Type Store, I am today formally unveiling Rough Sort, an old-school web log that will provide links to interesting stuff I come across on my daily strolls through the fertile valleys and arid plains of the World Wide Web. Trust me: your day will not be complete without a good, bracing download from Rough Sort.

So head on over to Rough Type’s sibling blog, or sign up for a free subscription. Yes, I said free.

One thought on “Introducing Rough Sort

  1. RisingSunofNihon

    Rough Sort sounds like it will be interesting and useful. I don’t have as much time to find good sites and so forth, so it really helps me out when people like you take the time to point the way to the best stuff. Thanks!!

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