Update on Google Brain Plug-In

“Perhaps in the future, we can attach a little version of Google that you just plug into your brain,” said Sergey Brin a while back. He’ll be happy to hear that scientists in Italy have successfully combined living human brain cells with silicon circuits to create a “neuro-chip”:

They used special proteins found in the brain to glue brain cells, called neurons, onto the [silicon] chip … The proteins allowed the neuro-chip’s electronic components and its living cells to communicate with each other. Electrical signals from neurons were recorded using the chip’s transistors, while the chip’s capacitors were used to stimulate the neurons.

I sense the approach of a true revolution in advertising.

3 thoughts on “Update on Google Brain Plug-In

  1. J. Francis Lehman

    Hmmmmm, a data port hookup on the back of your skull, just like in Star Trek.

    But attached to something that, in all likelihood, will more closely resemble SkyNet than the United Federation of Planets.

    I’ll pass. Thanks anyway.

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