Boffins bless Scrabble point system


For those who have been following the Scrabble tile-value donnybrook, there is some important and possibly definitive new data to report. Over the weekend, deep in the bowels of Cornell’s physics department, green-eyeshaders conducted a full Monte Carlo analysis of the Scrabble point system, using a computer to model 10,000,000 possible letter racks.

The upshot:  “it would be completely reasonable to keep the tile point values as they are.”

Excellent. Now, about the placement of those triple-word-score squares …

4 thoughts on “Boffins bless Scrabble point system

  1. Deborah

    All I EVER wanted them to change about Scrabble was to include two Z tiles.
    Is that so much to buzz fuzz whizz fizz jazz swizzle …. ask??? :-)

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