The future is wax


Speaking of the physical manifestation of informational goods, the numbers for 2012 just came out and, according to Nielsen Soundscan, U.S. vinyl album sales leapt another 18 percent, the fifth year in a row of muscular gains. Here’s the data (in millions of units):


That’s what I call a steep curve. I think we’d all agree that, based on a simple extrapolation from recent trends, the vinyl format should return to its rightful place of dominance in the music business no later than 2037.

Photo by acidpix.


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5 Responses to The future is wax

  1. Elisa

    Darn, I wish I hadn’t used all those old records to make dumb craft projects…they could be worth millions soon! :-/

  2. Nick

    Well, at least you have that Tea for the Tillerman snack bowl.

  3. Artemas Gruzdef

    It seems that people have too much disposable income. Time for a tax increase!

  4. My dogs love their “Tales From Topographic Oceans” slow-feed pet bowls!

  5. Nick

    That doesn’t seem like much of a transformation. Yes albums have always been containers for slop.