Thank goodness

A piece of found art, discovered on the New York Daily News home page:

When celebs stop tweeting, we’ll know the apocalypse has arrived.


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7 Responses to Thank goodness

  1. Mark

    Let us just ignore those (media, people, blogs) who cannot seem to ignore them (celebrities). By mentioning those who report on them you provide to them what they want–attention.

  2. Nick

    Yes, you’re right.
    But as a collage, it’s kind of compelling, isn’t it?

  3. Mark

    Well, OK, yes (ha ha); but that’s not the point. I am trying to stay out of the shallows.

  4. Seth Finkelstein

    It’s missing a cat.

  5. Nick

    That would be over the top.

  6. Kelly Roberts

    You’re all missing the point. To wit, what the hell is Nick doing on the NY Daily News home page in the first place? It could be a cry for help..

  7. Nick

    I’m a man of the people.