Just try to pay attention

I made two New Year’s resolutions last week. The first was to stop blogging for a while to make time to do some other stuff. I broke that one yesterday. The second was to avoid getting into feedback loops with other bloggers. Today I’m going to break that one by quoting, in full, Steve Gillmor’s response to what I wrote yesterday:

Nick Carr’s latest post is a perfect example of a neutral gesture, one that sets up a transitional premise as the root of an alleged fundamental game-changer. As a gesture, it is still useful to those who view Nick’s conservative optimist-baiting as treading water. In this case, Nick moves up slightly in GestureRank by providing cues to the mid-market audience of fence-sitters in the Attention reboot. Nick’s facts are rigorous; his conclusions rudimentary. Net: The ball moves forward for those who have configured his gestures efficiently for their world view. For Nick, the book base builds. Not bad for slumming in the blogosphere. GestureRank: 7

Does Steve have someone translate his posts into French and then back into English before he publishes them?

5 thoughts on “Just try to pay attention

  1. Anonymous

    > by providing cues to the mid-market audience of fence-sitters in the Attention reboot.

    huh ?

  2. vinnie mirchandani

    I guess not enough newsworthystuff is coming out of CES, Bangalore, Silicon Valley these days…I know bloggers like to bait each other. But instead of writing about each other can we not focus on bigger issues? The amount that is being pissed away on SarbanesOxley, the issues around globalization, does IT matter…if you do not, I plan to…

  3. Ohadi Langis

    I think he said you spend too much time and effort stating the obvious. It actually sounds like he is a fan. What it sounds like he really wants is for you to tell us what you really think instead of hedging your bets. Of course not every blogger has to be on the leading edge of net commentary. Like markets, some people are early adopters and others are in the middle of the pack or even lagging. Your pal Steve clearly sees himself as “edgy” but if he wants to be heard he is first going to need to be understood. Bloggers are sometimes entirely too self-referential which is why it is a good practice not to quote them :-)

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