The Shallows: the album

Now this is pretty cool: The U.K. band I Like Trains has a new album coming out called The Shallows, which was inspired, at least in part, by my book of the same name. The album is an eerily propulsive work – heavy and light at the same time – and it’s one that’s easy to get lost in.

The record comes out on May 7, but if you order a physical copy now – from here – you can download a digital copy immediately.

And take a listen to the first single, “Mnemosyne”:


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7 Responses to The Shallows: the album

  1. That is entirely bizarre, as reading your book inspired me to do a sketch by the same title. (

  2. Loved your book. Loved this number. And Mr. Hogarth, loved your sketch!

    Thank you.

  3. Forgot to mention. This number reminds me of Pink Floyd.

  4. alexzane

    That’s awesome!

    Makes me think of another Brit outfit singing: “Will your dreams stay rooted in the shallows?”

  5. Andrei Lopatenko

    Reminds me Roger Waters’s album “Amused to Death” inspired by Neil Postman’s “Amusing ourselves to death”

  6. These Floyd references are starting to depress me.

  7. Sounded like King Crimson to me, when Adrian Belew was doing the vocals…