Touch me

Yesterday, the NPD Group released the results of a survey of iPad owners. The most intriguing finding was that “20 percent of users’ time with the iPad was spent with it in bed.” One has to wonder what other sorts of activities are being displaced by the nocturnal stroking of the iPad’s highly responsive screen.

10 thoughts on “Touch me

  1. Charles

    This is nothing new. If you want to tell if I’m asleep, you should watch for my fingers slipping off my PowerBook trackpad. The problem is, when my screensaver goes to black, it wakes me up.

  2. Kelly Roberts

    Don’t be silly, Nick. The iPad is too busy being delicious, learning, memories, productive, artful, literary, learning, historic, and magical. Once you get it in bed for the night, it almost always has a headache.

    I’m growing increasingly frustrated waiting for the upgrade…

  3. Simon Owens

    I remember a study some time ago that found that couple who put televisions in their bedroom have much less sex than couple who don’t. Will this be another extension of that?

  4. Tracy

    We selected The Shallows as our book club review for October 2010 as it offered a challenging and interesting read on a debate that has increasing importance as each new piece of technology attempts to take up our spare time.

  5. Yoavtaler

    After reading “The Shallows”, I Started performing a “Digital Fast” in which ALL SCREENS ARE SHUTDOWN for two whole days. Sitting near my wife on the quiet sofa, I suddenly saw her in a way that wasn’t there for a while. Re-occurring digital noise was disturbing that. And that’s only one effect of stoping. try it at home. You suddenly can hear yourself think.

    Thank you Nick!

  6. John Hobson

    There’s no surprise in the figure as it reflects my almost cured addiction to my android cellphone. Last minute email checking, playing with apps and in the morning reading all the newspapers and so on.

    However my contract runs out this month and after reading The Shallows I’ve decided to go back to reading a book at bedtime…

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