11 thoughts on “Colbert et moi

  1. alan

    Congrats on the appearance with Colbert, trail by fire?

    You escaped his audience’s wrath, with the comment suggesting superficiality, by the skin of your teeth Nick.


  2. Mike O

    Nice job!

    I was expecting Colbert to be shocked that the “Big Pipes” are changing to a “Big Cloud”. He did great with Internet ADD. You got a pass on the “Googleman – at home with a superficial relationship to information” comment.

  3. alexfiles

    I thoroughly enjoyed the interview. Colbert’s jokes trampled a little on the content, but it’s a comedy show and the jokes were relevant. Your slant on the role he played was perfect!

  4. carllowe

    Dear Nick,

    Saw you on the Colbert Report and heard you comment that you have more problems reading books lately because your concentration is slipping. You blamed it on the internet, etc. You may think I’m coming out of left field with this, but I found that my concentration improved greatly when I gave up wheat and other grains. My sensitivity to wheat (gluten) started late in life and its first symptom was a slip in my memory and concentration.

    Just thought I’d alert you to this possibility.

  5. divinespark1970

    I’m a bit late, I just saw my recording of the Colbert Report and realize that I have been afflicted as well. Besides giving up my PC? Is there any cure?

    I have noticed in the past when particularly overwhelmed at work, that I almost start having conversations with people in like text message/short e-mail/sound bytes, not in usual discourse/conversation. I’m not at that point now, but thinking maybe there is some kind of exercise we can do to maintain our attention spans. Maybe force ourselves to read X # of pages of a paper book before we go to bed at night (or when we wake up in the morning) or on the train or sometime. I don’t know. Perhaps we should involve a psychologist. Does the book provide any recommendations?


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